About Roland

Roland (UK) Ltd is responsible in the UK and Ireland for the one of the world’s best-known musical instrument brands.

Based in Swansea, and handling sales, marketing and distribution, we supply over 300 independent music stores with Roland and Boss products. We manage our own retail operations within existing music shops across the country and also exhibit at a variety of music and consumer shows throughout the year.

Our product ranges include professional products such as synthesizers, electronic drum kits, guitar products (including the Boss brand), recording equipment and amplification. We also sell products for the home, such as digital pianos, home keyboards, electronic accordions and entertainment organs, in addition to sales of Rodgers Classical Organs into churches and grand pianos into restaurants and hotels.

Roland was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan, in 1972. Kakehashi-san was a talented product engineer who realised that technology would have a profound impact on music making. Companies like Sony and Mitsubishi had helped Japan become a major force in consumer electronics, and with the advent of the silicon chip, Japan was at the forefront of the technological revolution of the seventies.

Since 1972, Roland has become a global manufacturer of musical instruments and production equipment, active in a most areas of the music production scene. But the sentiment that brought the company into being is still central to it today - Roland develops technology to help musicians master the art of creative expression.

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